A Burbank member...in Burbank??

A Burbank member…in Burbank??

Yes I, your intrepid literary heroine, have recently made the move to Burbank, butt of so many of my jokes.

Attracted by the low crime rate and tired of multiple break-in attempts at my North Hollywood home, I sojourned to the Mother of All Suburbs. I now live a quiet life of CozyJambling, interrupted by the occasional truck backfiring, which still racks my “is-that-gunfire?!” sense (you can take the girl out of Highland Park, but you can never erase the gang-activity in Highland Park from her subconscious, as they say).

And on that note, let me know present you with two thrilling Burbankian shorts: The BHPS Origin story, and a word from our sponsor, the Donut Place.