Sometimes I believe I may be crazy

Sometimes I believe I may be crazy

“Why?” you ask. “You seem like a fairly sane well-adjusted person to me!”

Well, because you didn’t say that. I just made it up in my head and wrote it down. What you probably said upon reading this title was nothing. At the very most you may have made a questioning sound in your head. That, I interpreted to be a whole sentence with a compliment to me at the end. By this point in the post, we’ve had a whole conversation in my head. I said something witty and urbane but nonspecific to make you laugh.

“Why non-specific?” you didn’t ask?

Non-specific because even in my brain conversations I’m too tired and lazy to actually come up with something funny. But it doesn’t matter, because by now in my brain conversation you’ve told me I’m a charming wit and have introduced me to a producer who will give me a movie deal and a mansion. There is a pony yard in the mansion. It is also featured in my movie. Life is wonderful. Full of ponies!

And it’s precisely here that you call me up in actuality. So please bear with me if I become extremely confused when our conversation fails to follow the lines I made up seconds earlier. Yes, I do have your bootleg copy of Final Draft. Give me time to readjust–reality is sharply veering from my imagination.

But don’t give me too much time, otherwise I will tell you yes, I will go into space with you and save the planet from meteors.

Crazy? Yes. Rushed because its Sunday and I realized I hadn’t written anything in a week? Perhaps. But lets end this post on an up beat! :

Thai Spiderman! With orange juice!  Now I thank you for your time and return you to your regularly scheduled sanity. And yes, I have lost weight recently and would like your solid gold bars. Thank you for noticing!