Correction, for the win.

Correction, for the win.

Last week I talked about my competitive family to the delight of everyone…but my competitive family.

“What?” I demanded as all three of them looked at me, stone-faced, via webcam.

“Josie,” said my brother, rolling his eyes, “You got the facts wrong.”

“I may embellish my stories a little,” I responded, “And for any parts you think were hurtful, I apologize. I love you all, and think the world of you, and am just given to hyperbole in my posts. You all aren’t as competitive as I make you out to be–in fact, all three of you have always tempered your actions with compassion, and supported me whether winning or losing. So, I’m sorry. I truly, truly am. Is that what you mean by getting the facts wrong?”

“No,” scoffed Luke as Mom and Dad laugh at me in the background. “We don’t care. You got the sport wrong. Mom was on the HOCKEY TEAM.”

So, my aplogies for an incorrect post. My mother wasn’t thrown off the football team for excessive use of force, she was thrown off the hockey team. Again, aplogies for confusing my facts. You may all return to your regulalry scheduled lives.