Relaunches TODAY! Relaunches TODAY!

Hello fellow denizens of the Internet! Today marks the long awaited (and long overdue) relaunch of my website, the new look courtesy of design genius Amy Fortunato. Take a look around, watch a video or two, and keep your eyes peeled for new features and updates in the following months.

A lot has occurred since I last posted to this site. Without a doubt, last year was one of my most rewarding and challenging yet. Many wonderful things happened, such as getting the chance to work on multiple shows over at Warner Brothers Animation, pitching to various networks and writing for UCB’s intensely awesome Sketch Cram. I also got engaged to some guy named Marly. All around, a lot of accomplishments!

On the flip side, last year I was hit with a nerve injury that left me essentially paralyzed on my right side for five months, and from which I am still recovering. I missed out on some cool projects because of it, though I learned a lot about health insurance and what downloadable books-on-tape the Los Angeles Public Library has (weird ones)!

While I’m still on the physical therapy train through the foreseeable future (next stop: full mobility town!) I’m hopeful for this year. Despite everything that got thrown my way in 2014 I got to do some amazing things and meet new amazing people, and I’ve never been happier calling L.A. my home. So raise your electronic shot glasses (or real shot glasses, I won’t judge) and let’s toast goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015: I think it’s going to be great.