My Adventures With Superman Adult Swim Logo

“My Adventures With Superman” hits Summer 2023

I’m very excited to share with everyone the Adult Swim Trailer for: “My Adventures With Superman.”

While we’re premiering on Adult Swim, we’ll also be airing on the TOONAMI programming block, as well as on MAX (aka The App Previously Known As HBO Max). So whether you’ve cut the cord or are excited to stay up past primetime, we’ve got you covered!

And while we’re premiering on Adult Swim, we’re still the same tone we’ve always been: a YA and family-friendly show about Clark, Lois, and Jimmy, taking their first steps to becoming the icons we all know.

If you want action, we’ve got it. If you want romance, it’s here. If you want villains, heroes, heartbreak, humor, thrills, chills, and SUPERMAN, then tune in THIS SUMMER. Up on the TV screen, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…”My Adventures With Superman.”