"She-Ra" Season 5 & New Horizons for Cozy Jamble

“She-Ra” Season 5 & New Horizons for Cozy Jamble

As recently announced by Entertainment Weekly, “She-Ra” season 5 is dropping on Netflix this spring — something I’m both excited for and saddened by, as this season will be our LAST!

We were lucky enough to have always known the full episode order, and were able to tailor our story to these 52 episodes, telling the tale we wanted exactly how we wanted, which is a rare gift for TV. I know I’ll have more to say about working on such an amazing show with such incredible people when the season drops; for now, I hope everyone subscribes to Netflix for the final chapter of “She-Ra.” It’s an epic, beautiful, intense, scary, funny, thrilling, emotional, action-packed and heart-wrenching ride — and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

2020 is also full of scary and emotional new horizons for yours truly! Last fall I left Dreamworks after nearly 4 years, and this year I embarked on one of the most exciting and frightening things a writer can do: pursuing development on a bunch of cool projects! I truly have no idea where this year will take me — or if anything I’m working on will even see the light of day, shoutout to all my fellow writers living that #DevelopmentLife — yet I’m incredibly humbled and grateful for the opportunity to do so, and for meeting so many people who have been impacted by my writing.

Also, I’m washing my hands WAAAAAY MORE. This year is a scary year for a LOT of reasons, everyone!

So in short: thank you all for enjoying my work; for the wonderfully supportive comments on Twitter and these web pages; and bookmark this space for updates on your friendly, neighborhood Cozy Josie Campbell.