Cozy Jamble got married, and other news

Cozy Jamble got married, and other news

Hello dear readers of this blog. I know I’ve been absent for a while, so let’s sit down, catch up, and do other things with relative directions attached to them. Why have I been absent? Well…

Update Number One: I got married! A year ago! If you want the highly factual record of how this went down, I suggest you check out the amazing comic-wedding-program phenomenal artist Will Patrick made for the event (written by myself and the new Mr. Cozy Jamble, naturally).

Highly factual!

Update Number Two: On a more serious note, after three solid years, I have finally finished physical therapy.

A good chunk of my being AWOL here has been on account of the various physical challenges that come up when dealing with a long-term injury (pro-tip: if your arm goes numb, it’s a bad sign, kids!). But while I’m still healing (and will be for a few more years) I’ve come incredibly far in regaining mobility and getting my life back. There will still be obstacles ahead, to be sure, but with PT firmly behind me, the future is looking pretty bright. Stretch- and exercise-intensive, but bright!

And Update Number Last: My episodes of “Be Cool, Scooby Doo!” have finally begun airing! Check them out when they premiere on Cartoon Network, rerun on Boomerang, or watch via iTunes or the Cartoon Network app. For complete life/work synergy, keep your eyes peeling for “I Scooby Dooby Do,” the wedding-theme episode I wrote with my husband while we were in the middle of planning our own wedding!

There's no sound with this image, but if there was you'd hear that they're talking about food right now.

And for bonus points, here’s a scene from “Be Cool, Scooby Doo: Sorcerer Snack Scare” where the interaction Velma has with the Puppeteer is pretty much one I had with a Muppeteer while trying to do an interview, back in my reporting days.

Spoiler alert: I gave up and just interviewed the puppet. Stay strong, Velma!