Josie's Love of Superheroes Comes Full Circle

Josie’s Love of Superheroes Comes Full Circle

So it will probably not shock anyone who reads this blog, follows me on Twitter, or knows me personally (a venn diagram that I believe most of you fit in the middle of, dear readers family members): I love superheroes.

Wonder Woman was my idol growing up. I consumed every single piece of media I could featuring her, and dressed as Wonder Woman every year for Halloween. Mainly because that costume was easier than bathing in full green body-paint for She-Hulk, and no one outside of my nerdy group of friends knew who Sailor Moon was.

Windbreaker Wondie

Windbreaker Wonder Woman was still easier than explaining what “anime” was to neighbors.

Fast forward past my college thesis on super-heroines and 7 years working for CBR, and you’ll get to this year… where my two episodes of “Justice League Action” just aired! “Time Share” and “Field Trip” are running on Cartoon Network or you can watch on Amazon. While there’s no Wonder Woman in them, there’s plenty of Batman, Superman, Firestorm, Star Girl, and my personal fave, Blue Beetle.

Try Blue Beetle for all your snarky line deliveries!

Click for context. Snarky teen context!

Check it out! And keep your eyes peeled for upcoming “JLA” promos, which I had a hand in as well.